Digital Painting - The Danger of Painting Silhouettes

This isn’t necessarily a tutorial or guide, but it’s a very important note about silhouettes and speed painting I never considered. As someone who envies and even tries to emulate very loose gestural sketches and speed paints as a “style” this is information I definitely needed to hear.

Word. Gesture and quick speedpainted concepts are very different, though! The speedpaints look gestural and loose since they have to be done fast enough to get the idea down; a gestural style relies heavily on the deliberate flow of composition.

And this is why I don’t really do this anymore (and god, looking back at the sketches I’ve done less than a year ago, I want to quietly cry because that’s exactly what I was trying to emulate).

It’s a different kind of thinking process at the end of the day, and there’s a world of difference between design and illustration. Scott Robertson presents it very well here.